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Spa Etiquette

La Selva is home to calmness and peace. To maintain this beautiful calm environment, we request you to be respectful of other's privacy, speak softly, and deactivate any disruptive electronic devices including cell phones. This in turn will also enhance your spa experience. For the health and safety of our guests and staff, smoking is not permitted in our facility. Arrive on time or early for your appointment to enjoy the facility. We strongly suggest you prepare directions to the spa prior to leaving for your appointment.
Tour Philosophy
To protect the privacy of our guests, we must limit the number of people we tour through our facility.
Guest Requests
You may request a specific gender Massage Therapist while booking an appointment. We cannot guarantee that we will have your request available at all times. All Spa therapists are trained to respect the privacy of our guests and to create a comfortable, relaxing environment for all.
Your therapist will inquire about your preference in the temperature, pressure, music, product, and sequence of service they are providing. You may also communicate to us how you are feeling during your service, and if there is anything specific you would like us to address, please inform the therapist.
Shaving is not recommended before a Body Treatment or Men's Facial. If you choose to shave, please shave at least four hours prior to your service. 
What to Wear During a Treatment
La Selva does not uphold any dress code. It is recommended during a Body Treatment or Massage that those treatments are enjoyed without clothing although undergarments may be worn if preferred. Professional conservative draping is performed throughout the duration of the service for privacy. We request that all guests take a shower prior to arrival.
Health Problems and Comfort Level
Please notify our staff before booking treatments if you are pregnant, have allergies, high blood pressure, any physical ailments, or disabilities. This will prepare our staff far in advance to provide the best possible spa treatment or therapy for you. When receiving your treatment, the therapist will address your needs based on your personal assessment.
Spa Treatment Selection
A full menu of treatment offerings is listed on our website, If you feel you would like assistance in choosing a service, we recommend calling the spa directly and speaking to one of our knowledgeable staff members.
Alcoholic Beverages and Spas
We recommend that you do not consume alcohol during or immediately after your spa treatments.
Completion of Your Session
We hope you were revitalized and energized by your treatment. Please provide honest feedback to the therapist if you are unhappy with your treatment to allow us the opportunity to correct things.  If no feedback is given during your treatment we assume everything went well.
Upon completion of your treatment your therapist will Thank You and will leave the room to allow you time to don your attire.
We ask of you to be considerate towards our therapists and guests by vacating the treatment room within a reasonable amount of time. This will assist the therapist in preparing the treatment room promptly for our other guests.
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