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Conventions Grand Openings
Conferences Employee Benefit Fairs
Sports Events Membership Drives
Health Fairs Working Retreats
Spa Promotions Employee Appreciation Day
Open Houses Executive Training
Secretary's Day Health Club Promotions
Birthdays Community Events
Holiday Parties Wedding Parties
Charity Galas Family Celebrations
Trade Shows Workplace Wellness Program
Corporate Events Teacher Appreciation Day
School/College Events Fund Raisers

This Service Is Provided By Massage Practitioners Professionally Trained in Effective, Safe Seated Massage Techniques.

Economical and Easy to Arrange

All you need to do is arrange the time and provide the space. A massage chair can be set up quickly and almost in any location. Because chair massage is brief, the cost per person is a fraction of the cost of table massage.

What is Chair Massage?

It's a brief, stress-reducing massage given to an employee seated in a comfortable, supportive and portable chair. The massage chair is supplied by the practitioner and can be set up quickly in almost any location.

  • Lasts from 5 to 30 minutes
  • Uses no oil and massage is delivered while the client is clothed
  • Addresses tension primarily in the upper body (scalp, neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands)
  • Leaves the receiver feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated!

Chair Massage for Your Workplace:

 Healthy Employees Create a Healthy Business!

Chair massage in the workplace offers many advantages to the employee:

    • Reduces Muscle Tension, a Major Contributor to Chronic pain, Repetitive Strain Injuries and Low-Back Pain.
    • Boosts Alertness and Productivity
    • Reduces Absenteeism
    • Enhances Work Relations
    • It Makes a Great Incentive
    • It is an Affordable Wellness Program People Actually Use
    • It Gives Employees a Tool for Controlling Their Responses to Stress
    • It Reduces Employee Turnover.
    • There is No Up-Front Investment in Equipment or Facilities
    • Chair Massage is Flexible Enough to Schedule into the Workday Without Interrupting Workflow.
    • Chair Massage Lowers Health Care Costs.

Let us show your employees how much you appreciate them!

Chair Massage for Your Successful Event:

 Set Your Event Apart with a Guaranteed Crowd Pleaser!


    • Chair Massage Leaves a Lasting Impression
    • It Increases Event Participants' Satisfaction
    • It Attracts Attendees to Your Target Area, Booth, or Display
    • It Thanks Attendees for Participating
    • It is Ideal at Events Where People Put in Long Days on Their Feet or Sitting in Chairs.

 Make Your Event The Talk Of The Town!


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